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This program is built for business owners and influencers across the web to gain knowledge for social media success ​​

How does Media Exposure Club work
We provide you with strategic ways toward growing your social media account. We will assist you through the entire process after the course is completed. Students who ask lots of questions are more than likely to get the best result. I guarantee students who put in the work will progress. Please be dedicated toward growing your account before purchasing. Email us if you have any question or concerns .

Learn how to be a social media boss killing the market and generating thousands every month.
My team and I will be available to assist you daily. I can assure that you will progress each and everyday. Register Now!  

Intended Audience: Business, Entertainer, Influencer, Promoter, Comedian, Fitness Trainer, DJ, Singer, Song Artist, Youtuber, Fashion, Blogger, Food, Health, Model, Music, Actor, and much More.....

Starting A Business Account On Instagram
How Can I Grow My Instagram:
How can I get noticed as a business or Influencer ?
How to make money on Instagram?
What Is The Secret To Hit The Explore Page?
Advertising on social media
How to prevent your social media account from getting hacked

What's included

  • 7 High quality lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Eric Timbers


Social media expert helping Business Owners and Influencers grow there social media platforms while generating $100-$300,000 a month